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Information for Investors

For Switzerland's best talent to thrive, we believe in connecting and orchestrating entrepreneurship, technology and innovation!​

The Kickfund supports this vision by broadly funding innovation potential and providing ongoing support, strength and global exposure to establish Switzerland as an attractive innovation and entrepreneurial hub.​

What is the opportunity?

  • Leveraging the ecosystem for top investments.

  • Unique and exclusive ability to invest in all Venture Kick winners! These are the best Swiss deep-tech startups.

  • Follow-up investments in the first two equity rounds of each winner.

  • Instead of a performance fee, we reinvest 20% of the return in the further development of Switzerland's innovation ecosystem.


What do we aim to achieve with your support?

  • Generating returns and empowerment.

  • Increasing the pipeline of high-impact startups.

  • Accelerating the scaling and globalisation of Swiss startups.

  • Supporting, connecting and strengthening the Swiss innovation ecosystem.

  • Empowering founders and giving visibility to Swiss talent.



In a nutshell

Return and support: The focus is on support and empowerment as much as on strong financial returns.

Venture Kick partner: Investment decisions are based on Venture Kick's efficient and effective process.

Investing across the board: The Kick Fund invests in all Venture Kick winners across all sectors.

No investment lead: The Kick Fund never takes a leading position in investment rounds.

Empowerment & leadership: We focus on helping startups mature and have an impact.


Portfolio information - to follow

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