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Investing in Switzerland’s best deep-tech startups


Investments in a well-curated pipeline of
Switzerland’s best deep tech startups

The Kickfund aims to invest in Swiss pre-seed and seed stage technology startups that have won the Venture Kick competition – an established startup competition and accelerator that has been supporting Swiss early-stage companies for over 15 years. It is a closed-end fund domiciled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The partnership was initiated and established by a group of people who are strong supporters of the startup and innovation ecosystem in Switzerland.

The fund is fully funded but may be open to new investors until the end of 2023.


For Switzerland's best talent to thrive, we believe in connecting and orchestrating entrepreneurship, technology and innovation!​

The Kickfund supports this vision by broadly funding innovation potential and providing ongoing support, strength and global exposure to establish Switzerland as an attractive innovation and entrepreneurial hub.​

What is the opportunity?

  • Leveraging the ecosystem for top investments.

  • Unique and exclusive ability to invest in all Venture Kick winners! These are the best Swiss deep-tech startups.

  • Follow-up investments in the first two equity rounds of each winner.

  • Instead of a performance fee, we reinvest 20% of the return in the further development of Switzerland's innovation ecosystem.

What do we aim to achieve?

  • Generating returns and empowerment.

  • Increasing the pipeline of high-impact startups.

  • Accelerating the scaling and globalisation of Swiss startups.

  • Supporting, connecting and strengthening the Swiss innovation ecosystem.

  • Empowering founders and giving visibility to Swiss talent.


Return and support

The focus is on support and empowerment as much as on strong financial returns.

Venture Kick

Investment decisions are based on Venture Kick's efficient and effective process.

Systematic approach

The Kickfund invests in all Venture Kick winners across all sectors.

No lead

The Kickfund never takes a leading position in investment rounds.

Empowerment & leadership

We focus on helping startups mature and have an impact.


Investments in a well-curated pipeline of
Switzerland’s best deep tech startups


We're passionate about teaming up with visionary entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into thriving businesses. With our wealth of expertise and vast network, we empower growth and deliver extraordinary outcomes.


If you convince the jury in stage 3 of Venture Kick, you will have the opportunity to access an additional CHF 850,000 in funding to support your development and fundraising. The Kickfund can support you with the following investments, allowing you to approach your future investors with the best possible foundation:

First equity round:

up to CHF 250'000




Convertible loan:

CHF 100'000

Second equity round:

up to CHF 500'000






Wanja Humanes


Wanja boasts nearly a decade in venture capital, with board roles including Bring! until its 2021 acquisition. He holds an M.A. HSG from St.Gallen and is a CFA Charterholder.


Goran Radin


Goran led roles in Swiss banks, served on an executive board, and has been active in non-profits for 22 years. He holds an economics degree from the University of Basel.


Thomas Möller



Thomas brings two decades of experience in venture capital. He holds a Master's degree in economics from the University of Basel and a degree as Swiss certified public accountant

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